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Your Doula Connie
Welcomes You

Supporting Families through Postpartum with Care & Compassion


About Me

I’m Connie, the doula behind My Doula Connie Care and my focus, curiosity and endless amazement is within the Postpartum Period (the Fourth Trimester). I certified my training as a Postpartum Doula through Doula Trainings International (DTI) and am a certified Lactation Counselor through Birthday Presence.

My journey into the doula realm began after the birth of my goddaughter. I have had the honor of witnessing many of my dear friends’ step into day one of parenthood and it is nothing short of miraculous, joyous and humbling. Postpartum is a time of deep change, transformation and courage. It is a period of time with you and your newborn that is so special, unique and deserving of compassion and a sensitive approach. In a society that focuses more on pregnancy and birth, however, I have seen first-hand how little we prepare new parents for their postpartum journey. The fourth trimester can be isolating, overwhelming and often times scary when you don't know what's within the range of "normal". It was heartbreaking to see my strong, capable, worthy friends doubt their instincts as parents and worse, not know who or where to turn to for answers and guidance. Postpartum is vulnerability defined. It is challenging and every new parent, even second, third time parents struggle. The struggle is common, but it doesn't have to be.

As your postpartum doula I am here for you to lean on. I am those extra pair of hands, your emotional, physical and practical support. I help you where you need help from day to day so you get the time you need to bond with your baby, rest, and restore your body. I am here to offer guidance, validate choices, nourish you with a home cooked meal and provide the skills you need to fully trust your instincts, and feel confident when facing the new challenges of parenthood. There is no going back before postpartum, there is only through. I’m here to not only help you survive postpartum but thrive.

My Services

All pregnancies are different, all births are different, all postpartum journeys are different. That’s why I work with each client to develop a customized postpartum plan for after birth and beyond. I take on a limited number of clients at any one time to make sure I can give you the full care and attention you deserve. By offering postpartum support, my goal is to reduce any stress, allowing you to pay attention to your body and your baby.

Daytime support sessions can be scheduled for a minimum of 16 hours (4 sessions) over course of 3-4 weeks


Overnights can be scheduled for a minimum of 30 hours (3 sessions) over course of 1-2 weeks.


Virtual Lactation support is scheduled as a package of 3 hours in 5 sessions (1 hour session, followed by 4 half-hour sessions) over the course of 2-3 weeks.

Consult & Prenatal Booking

Getting to Know You

  • If I sound like a good fit, look at the services I offer below, and get in touch with me to schedule an initial complementary consultation. A FREE 30-45 min consultation with me is for you to get a better sense of who I am, what I do and if I am the best fit to help you meet your postpartum goals.

  • A 1 hr prenatal session is an opportunity to get to know you and your family before your baby's arrival. In our prenatal session I will meet you wherever you are at and help formulate a plan that best prepares you and your family for postpartum, even if you are already in the midst of it.  

Surprised Pregnant Woman

In-Person Postpartum Support

Nurturing, Compassionate and Practical

The early days with your newborn can be very scary and full of uncertainty. My role as your  postpartum doula is to ensure you are given the best information, care and comfort possible. No matter when or how you need me, I will be there offering support such as :

  • Emotional support

  • Lactation support

  • Assistance with newborn care

  • Problem solving infant-feedings & sleep cycles

  • Assistance with healing after birth

  • Basic household tasks and maintenance 

  • Simple meal preparation

  • Sibling care

  • Referrals to local support groups and physicians

  • Grocery shopping, running errands

Mother and Baby Sleeping

Overnight Postpartum Support

Rest, Recharge, Reset

Early weeks with your newborn can be full of excitement, but can also be exhausting.  As your overnight doula I am here to provide relief in the way of rest and ease by reducing the amount of "up" time with baby. Whether you are bottle feeding or nursing, I can support you by:

  • Caring for baby while you sleep 

  • Feeding baby or bringing baby in for feedings 

  • Assisting with lactation support & physical comfort throughout feeds

  • Changing diapers, burping, and soothing baby after feedings

  • Retrieving pumped milk/ washing pumping equipment 

  • Bringing water and snacks in while nursing or pumping

  • Guidance on finding a nightly rhythm & trouble shooting challenges

Virtual Lactation Postpartum Support

Here for You No Matter What

Overwhelmed, frustrated, sore and concerened? Not sure where to turn for answers? I got you. Here to meet you wherever you are at in your journey and to provide the tools and knowledge needed to thrive throughout the rest.

  • Assistance with Latching, Positioning and Approach

  • Guidance on managing supply/ boosting supply and finding sustainability 

  • Emotional support and guidance with physical comfort

  • Guidance on nipple/breast health & healing

  • Referrals to IBCLC's , physicians, support groups


Miraculously, Connie made us into confident first-time parents within a matter of weeks.


Her visits were an oasis of calm and reassurance, lifting us out of the postpartum whirlwind and providing the space to rest, rejuvenate and reflect. But with every visit, she also left us better equipped, with a clearer sense of our journey ahead, and more belief in our own ability to parent.


From lactation support, first baths and even laundry, to giving us time to catch up on sleep and work, navigating wider family dynamics around the baby, and feeding us her delicious home made meals. It’s an incredibly holistic and meticulously thoughtful package of support only such an intuitive and sincerely committed person as Connie would be able to adapt so perfectly around each family.


She is the best parenting decision we made.

Amy & Jaime G

Having Connie as a postpartum doula was like having a spa for new mom come to our home. Connie came in two months after a traumatic birth. I was struggling with breastfeeding and needed to take care of myself in the last few weeks before going back to work. Connie helped in so many ways. Her lactation expertise was invaluable to help me finally get to exclusively breastfeeding as I was hoping. I was able to get me-time for walks, naps and to relax and she even gave me massages. Connie gave me the mental space I needed to process what I had been through. She also provided me with information on traumatic births and resources to move forward and heal. She brought us delicious meals, including a lasagna, a stew and lactation cookies. Connie’s help was invaluable in so many ways. She was a game-changer in enabling me to breastfeed exclusively and provided my husband and me a much needed breather. We are beyond grateful to her.

Genevieve G

Connie went so far beyond what I expected from a postpartum doula. Not only did she cook, tidy, organize, do laundry, and look after my baby while I slept or worked out, but she advised me on several big concerns that weighed heavily on my mind. In our early sessions, it was about breastfeeding pain. Later, after that had resolved (thanks in large part to her!), it was about sleep training. She offered expert advice in the moment, but she also followed up with incredibly helpful and detailed notes after our sessions. Finally, I was wowed by her kindness and compassion, which were evident from the moment we met. I never felt awkward or uncomfortable having her around. It's clear she really loves working with moms and babies, and she puts you at ease. Just work with her!

Hayley R

I am so grateful to have had Connie as part of my postpartum journey. Many people love babies; Connie loves babies and is wonderful with them.  But Connie also genuinely loves mothers. And given that most people will be focused on your new baby, having Connie around to focus on you, the mother, is immensely helpful.

There’s a difference between checking in with your “mom friends” and having a dedicated, caring doula like Connie in your corner. Connie isn’t trying to justify her own parenting choices; she just wants to help you find what works best for your baby and YOU.  I heartily recommend Connie’s doula services; she was the best postpartum choice I made for my baby and myself.

Melissa B

Connie was absolutely wonderful! She was so caring, attentive and loving to me and my baby. Took initiative and anticipated my needs. It was exactly what I needed in the first weeks postpartum


Wendy M

Connie was responsive, responsible, pleasant, energetic, and enormously helpful during my difficult postpartum period. I had a bad reaction to my c section anesthesia and my milk barely came in and she was supportive and kind and really met me where I was in my recovery process. I hired Connie as a night doula and in addition to watching the baby at night so I could sleep she brought me healthy food, reorganized my clutter, cleaned up my space, helped with breasts feeding and the complicated supplemental nursing system, and created a warm atmosphere around me where I felt cared for.

Sarah B

Connie was an absolute god send when I had my daughter. I firmly believe that if I didn’t have Connie with me during my post-partum  journey I would not be able to do it. She was a constant source of love, support, knowledge. This is especially true during my daughters 10 day NICU stay. I would not change a thing about Connie’s practice as a doula. In my opinion she was put on this earth to do this work. If I had a question for her and she wasn’t 100 percent sure on the answer she would research and always get back to me and explain it to me. Connie always went above and beyond for me.

Emily L


What is a doula?

The word "doula" comes from the ancient Greek word meaning, "servant". Today a doula is better known as a "trained companion", an ally and advocate. Though not a medical professional, a doula is a knowledgable professional who is trained specifically in assisting a laboring person during childbirth and to support families in the days and weeks after a baby is born. There are many types of doulas: birth, postpartum, infertility, abortion, loss. A doula is there to support you in all the different stages and changes of reproductive health and justice.

What can a postpartum doula do for me?

The transition of welcoming a new baby into your family can be both physically and mentally draining, especially due to sleep deprivation and uncertainty about the care of your newborn. Therefore, there are many advantages to hiring a postpartum doula that includes: 

  • Increased breast/chestfeeding success

  • Decreased chance of postpartum depression and anxiety

  • Decreased infant and birth parent health complications due to informed care

  • Decreased exhaustion, frustration, and apprehension in birth parents.

  • Increased and earlier bonding with newborn

  • Happier baby and confident parents due to a greater understanding of your infant’s emotional and physical needs, behavior and cues.

What is a postpartum doula?

A postpartum doula is a knowledgable professional trained to assist you and your family during the critical period immediately after the birth of your baby. A postpartum doula's primary focus is the birth parent, as well as their newborn. They nurture the parent with emotional support and practical assistance, which enables a faster recovery and increased confidence. A postpartum doula's role will change from day to day depending on the needs of the family. Postpartum doulas step in where they are needed-- doing light housekeeping, checking in with birth parent, making sure they are well fed and hydrated, offering advice if needed and caring for baby while parent self-cares. Postpartum doulas can work part-time shift or full days, spanning over just a few days, or first few months of baby's life.

How can a doula prepare me for postpartum

In a society that heavily focuses on pregnancy and birth, there is a considerable lack of education, knowledge and resources given to parents that prepare them for the fourth trimester. A postpartum doula will ideally meet with you and your family before the birth of your baby to get a sense of ideal goals and expectations. A postpartum doula can prepare you by :

  • Ensuring you, the birthing parent have everything you need in your nest for comfort post birth

  • Suggesting childbirth education classes, infant feeding classes as well as books, podcasts that align with your goals and philosphy

  • Help you gather your support system beforehand so you feel confident in asking for help and communicating needs

  • Suggest meals and broths to freeze and store ahead of time

  • Level expectations of childcare and routine with partner


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